CEO Shawna Wood

How Did This Happen?

How did I get here? Well, I mean we all know HOW we get here. I mean how did I go from full time Mom to reimagining furniture to starting a blog? This is new ground for sure! Originally I just liked going to estate sales and buying things to refinish for myself. I think the day I realized I could help other people make changes to their existing furnishings was when my friend Steph was settling in to her new home. She was having trouble placing their couch in the living room. We moved it four different times trying to get the right feel. We stood back and were trying to figure out why it never felt right. I looked up and said four words that I can’t believe ever would cross this lover of all sparkly things lips. “Yank that chandelier down.”  Yep, her gorgeous, covered in crystals, oh.ma.lawd. that’s beautiful, light fixture. You see her fixture was hung to the center of the room, normally not a problem. This room however had an offset wall of windows. The furniture needed to be centered to the windows not the center of the room. The huge windows look out over her spa like pool and dreamy view. That is the focal point, not the big arse glistening orb of light. So it got yanked in the next hour. (It was hung over her stunning dining table instead). Then we were still looking at the room & I offered to re-paint a humongous framed mirror. Steph said go for it and I have done just that! Thanks for joining me in my from crappy to happy painting adventures = Paintopia Studio is born.

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